Does Microsoft Buy Citrix?

I had a discussion with a colleague yesterday about what is happening with Citrix on a long term. My answer was Microsoft will buy them! Why? There are multiple small pieces that if you put them together the picture might look like that

1. the new Citrix CEO Kirill Tatrinov was originally working for Microsoft. Did you heard already anything from him? I did not hear any noise except that his Synergy keynote was not very well received. Maybe he is not really interested in keynotes because he is preparing something else?

2. Citrix sold all departments, that are totally not interesting for Microsoft like the whole online stuff. Microsoft already has products in this area that would compete with this – like skype for business vs gotomeeting.

3. Microsoft retired TMG – so they have nothing at the endpoint to the internet – their new strategy is cloud first, mobile first – would not netscaler fit perfectly?

4. Server 2016 has not much additional features announced for RDSH, it is an optimized gateway that host more users (indeed I heard they found a bug), multipoint server, OpenGL Support. That’s pretty it – so probably they just don’t develop that much anymore.

5. ARA – Azure Remote App is lacking management for larger environments – the citrix cloud products allow this (they anyhow already run on Azure)

So – I am curious what will happen in future!

Does Microsoft Buy Citrix?

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